Delivery Policy

Our Delivery Policy is set out to explain to you, the customer, how we provide the Processing Service offered on our website. 

1 Services provided:

  • ESTA Visa Waiver application data entry and processing.
  • Same day processing and status update.
  • Travel authorisation confirmation delivery by email
  • Application information updates and status check for 2 years from esta authorisation being received.
  • 24/7 ESTA email and telephone customer support.

2 does not guarantee that applications will be accepted, we only process the customer's application data and integrate into the ESTA CBP system.

3 The customer is responsible to provide valid and accurate application information, is not liable for any rejected applications due to non valid or incorrect information submitted by the customer.

4 Once the application data is submitted, will have 24 hours to process the application and provide an status update to the customer. No service claims are accepted for non delivered travel authorisation confirmation documents before 24 hours after information is submitted by the customer. Customer has the right to claim if not received a confirmation document or status update after 24 hours.

5 Applications can be putted on hold by the CBP for multiple reason, in these cases a customer service representative will contact the customer to coordinate a possible solution. Same case if application is rejected.

6 The services provided herein are in relation to the submission of ESTA applications. The cost of processing applications includes all service fees (up to $77), which are dependent on the location of the applicant. We are not affiliated with the US government or embassy. The processing fee includes $21 due to the US government for issuing your ESTA. You can apply directly via By purchasing our services the customer agree to pay a service fee for data entry and assistance service fee which includes the mandatory $21 fee paid by on his/her behalf to the Customs and Border Protection and American Government for the ESTA system fee.

7 Customer also provide explicit authorisation to let manage his/her application data and apply on his/her behalf to the CBP ESTA system. According to our privacy policy and the CBP privacy statement at:

8 Customer certifies he/her is entitled and legally authorised to pay with the submitted credit or debit card. will charge the submitted credit card one total fee and shall be not liable for any illegal use of credit information submitted by the customer.

9 is a private, third party ESTA applications data processing agency and it is not affiliated in any way with the Government of the United States of America.

Once our same-day Processing Service is completed, which includes weekends and holidays, we will deliver the product to you by email only.

We strongly recommend you to add our email address to your white list to ensure that our email is not rejected due to an overfilled inbox.

PDF files can be read by utilizing Adobe reader which is free to download

If you have any questions regarding our delivery policy, please contact us by email ( We will respond within 24 hours.

Our Processing Service is considered delivered to you when submitted via email. We recommend that you take a printed copy of your travel authorisation as some airlines may want to see a copy of it at check-in.